A drone solution using automated aerial filming and video analysis to help improve your team's performance. Particularly applicable to the training and practice games of field sports, such as football and rugby.

Aerial view

Drone filming provides ariel footage to facilitate improved analysis.

Automated drone flight operation

SkyCoach increases the ease of drone operation by automating or semi-automating complex drone operations

Video analysis

Information provided together with the video footage can be used to analyse your team's performance in a more efficient manner.

Issue of manual flight

There are three potential incidents that can happen in field sports during drone filming.

  • drone flying into football field
  • drone flying in an unexpected direction
  • drone flying out of side line

What SkyCoach can achieve

Anyone is able to operate a drone in field sports safely and easily. Three functions are supported by the SkyCoach app:

  • Drone does not fly into the football field
  • Drone does not fly in an unexpected direction
  • Drone moves along the side line
Football field

Simple interface

SkyCoach supports two interfaces to operate a drone. 1. A DJI remote controller with skycoach app. 2. Dragging index finter on skycoach app on your smartphone. In the case of a DJI remote controller, the drone always moves along the touchline regardless of how you control the joystick.

Easy-to-view video analysis

Filmed footage is provided to coaches and tactical analysts for analysis and review of sports performance.

Football field

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A demo can be arranged for those interested in using this service.