SkyCoach is currently in beta version, and we will released the new functions, such as semi-automatic and automatic flight functions, video analysus in stages.

1. Semi-auto flight function

The pilot still needs to operate the drone through the controller stick or the SkyCoach app, but the app provides software flight control corrections and waypoint functions to make flying safe and easy.

  • support iOS/Android
  • plan to be released to test users on Aug, 2021

2. Web dashboard

Web dashboard will provide the ability to upload and manage video footage, perform video analysis, and share it with the team.

  • Web
  • Aug, 2021

3. Video analysis function

We are constantly developing video analysis functions for team review and performance improvement with the feedback from experts.

  • To be provided on the web dashboard
  • Aug, 2021

4. Auto flight function

The pilot makes the necessary settings through the SkyCoach app, and then simply presses the start button on the app to automatically fly up and film the game.

  • support iOS first
  • plan to be released to test users on Apr, 2022